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Short stories submitted by our students

The Best Party

The Best Party

Last summer, I was with my friends Nick, Antonis, Dimitris and some girls. We had a crazy party and played basketball, tennis, skateboard, football. Also, we listened to music. There were colorful balloons everywhere. We ate pizza and chips and we drank cola, water and orange juice. I was happy because I saw my friends […]

Three Summer days

Three Summer days

Last summer Mike, Jimmy and I went to the cinema. We saw the ‘Avengers’. My dad bought some popcorn and sweets too. This film is very good. Then we went to Jimmy’s house. At a quarter to eleven we went back to our house. Next morning my mum and I went to Kate’s party. We […]


Last spring it was very hot! One day Fizz and Buzz went to the park. It was fun and they played but is boiling hot. They picked flowers and apples . They found a baby rabbit.They walked to Fizz and Buzz’s house with the rabbit. The rabbit ate lots of carrots and drank lots of […]

The fairy and the spring Rabbit

Once upon time a Rabbit had a walk in the fairy woods. Suddenly rain came over and a thunderbolt fell next to it. The rabbit was afraid and it ran away to hide. When the rain stopped a fairy saw the small rabbit very scared and she ran to help it. She took it to […]

The Orange starfish

Last summer, it was very hot. One day, my family and I went to the beach. There, we found a starfish. It was orange and beautiful. My sister Eleni was very scared but I dived and I caught it. After we put it on a table and took photos of it. My dad and my mum told us: […]

The Lost Puppy

Last spring it was very hot. The sun was shining. It was boiling hot. That day Marianna and her sister went to the forest. They were walking for a while when they found a cute puppy. It was very thirsty. It was white and it had brown eyes. It was very beautiful. They took it and gave […]

The lost turtle

Last summer it was very hot. One day it was very sunny. Lily and her sister went to the beach. They found a baby turtle. They went home with the turtle. They gave it food and water and played with it but the turtle missed its mum. They went back to the beach the turtles […]

The friends of the sea

Last summer, we went to the beach with our family. That day it was really hot. We played with our sisters on the beach and we found lots of shells in the sand. Then we went into the sea and we swam. Next to us there was a mermaid. She played with a dolphin in […]